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Zayd On Location
Zayd on Location

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Inspired Thought - Production Still chosen for Portobello Film Festival 2011

Perhaps the largest independent film festival in UK, the Portobello Film Festival selected one of the production stills from 'Inspired Thought' for its 2011 printed and online catalogue/programme. Here is the still:-

You can see why it would have been chosen, it is a beautiful, atmospheric and mysterious location still. Its composition is highly symbolic and a good glimpse at the nature of the film.

This image is suggestive of the wayfarer travelling through one of the corridors of life indicating direction and the light in this symbolic corridor alluding to a guidance and an end purpose. The traveller is surrounded by the ugliness and the necessity of man-made construction and the beauty and necessity of the natural (Divinely Made) world. Note that the trees form an arch, a shelter and a shield whereas the man-made fence is full of gaps and provides no shelter. The path itself falls into shadow and light, but not darkness with brilliant light beckoning at the end of the visible journey.

Sadly, I had not yet launched this blog when the catalogue was published, otherwise the production still along with my film synopsis would have been linked to the blog from the online catalogue.

You can see the online programme here (Inspired Thought is no.275 on page 13):-

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