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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inspired Thought - Unseen Version of Jungfrau Director's Cut

This is an unseen version of "Inspired Thought - Jungfrau Director's Cut" This particular version has only been seen by the Smalls Short Film competition, but due to youtube not allowing the Dolby Digital audio codec, the audio has been transferred to MP2. The video codec on this is libx264 (that's H264 for Linux) and unlike the Smalls competition that required .MOV (Quicktime) format, this has been rendered into MP4. Unlike the full version and the other Jungfrau Director's cut, the resolution was set at rendering time to 1280 x 780 with a Pixel Ratio of 64:45, due to competition specifications. The film was originally filmed in PAL (720 x 576 & 25fps) so is not in reality HD. This version was also rendered with Progressive Scanning as opposed to Interlaced Scanning of previous versions. This results in a smoother image but removes the symbolic obscuring of the interlaced scanned image that was deliberately upheld in previous versions.

The Jungfrau Director's Cut was also screened at the Walthamstow Film Festival 2011. The longer version of Inspired Thought can be seen with a Production Still in the catalogue (p.13) for the Portobello Film Festival 2011.

Please do leave your comments and questions concerning anything about this film. Do give me your interpretations of what you have seen. This is a symbolic film aimed at opening doorways within the viewer.

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