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Zayd On Location
Zayd on Location

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cameraman Gymnastics for Twilight Gathering scene (Men of Convention)

This shot of the final gathering or 'convening' at twilight  (Men of Convention) was not the most comfortable to film. Like I mentioned in my 'Twilight Gathering' post earlier, this was filmed from three angles, this one above the main angle. 

To get this particular angle, you can see by the raised foreground at the bottom of the picture that the camera is actually positioned on the downward slope of a river bank. This was from the Kodak Zi8 on a cheap but decent tripod. I was positioned below that camera having to stoop down low so that the I would not enter into the frame from the overhead shot of this scene taken from the Canon FS200 positioned at the top of a hill opposite (actually about 2 o'clock from the Kodak's position). 

The main danger was falling into the river, visibility was low and I had to keep in an awkward position and the river bank was laden with loose stones, rocks and soil. It was easy to slip and fall in the river, but my main concern was the camera not falling in the river! 

The other issue, was that I had to direct this scene too and this meant at a certain point the gathering disperses (the very last scene of the film). For that dispersal I had to give a signal which would not be seen on any of the cameras. I had to run along that river bank while stooping down and trying not to fall in and run out of any possible frame and circle the side view camera and then give a hand signal to lead actor Amir Ejaz to disperse. I almost fell into the river but held my footing, does this make me a stunt man for this movie too?

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