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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Men of Convention - Screened at Portobello Film Festival 2011

Thanks to Jonathan Barnett, festival director, my film 'Men of Convention' screened last night at the opening party for the Portobello Film Festival in West London.

(click on for larger image)

It was excellent to see Men of Convention on a large cinema screen for the first time.  Festival Director - Jonathan Barnett's verdict on 'Men of Convention': "That was a mad film" ('mad' being insider code for cool/good) But maybe he was just being polite and encouraging a new filmmaker. 

In general the film looked good. Due to my inexperience in anticipating interlaced/progressive scanning compatibility issues, there were some interlacing scan artefacts on the moving images, but it doesn't really hinder the overall impression and style of the film, and it can easily be adjusted with forced progressive scan in post production editing (I hope) if someone demands those artefacts to be removed. The interlacing artefacts are not a problem in my eyes in my other two films (Surface Blur & Inspired Thought), where the effect adds to the symbolism of the films.

The Pop Up cinema, for those who haven't seen it, is a cross between an open air cinema (a bit like the old American drive in) and a normal indoor one. It sits under the Westway (A40) and it has been cleverly fitted to its surroundings.

I'm sorry to say I was a bit too excited to see my film on the large screen and so didn't take any photographs (also as seeing as my film is only 2:20 mins long, doesn't help when you regularly fumble, struggle and panic with camera settings!) of my film but I did take a shot of another film:-

(click on for larger image)

Filmmakers were welcomed by the film festival team/volunteers (such as the very friendly Maysa Gabrielli and co-ordinator Leona Flude) and free drinks were served, that helped as I'd been fasting for the previous sixteen hours. There was light rain outside which didn't detract from the event (I love the rain anyway).

I also need to give special thanks to Technician Greg Edwards who allowed me to distract him in the projection booth and had my film up and running at short notice.

The Portobello Film Festival which starts properly on September 1st is an excellent opportunity for new and independent filmmakers to get their films screened and unlike most other festivals, there are no fees to pay. The festival also has free entry.

My film 'Inspired Thought' should also be playing at the festival on 6th September between 6-11pm at Westbourne Studios, like the Pop Up cinema its also on the Acklam Road. I will try and get 'Men of Convention' to get another airing along with my other film 'Surface Blur - Jungfrau 2.2 Director's Cut'

[a scene from 'Inspired Thought']

Filmmakers who get their films shown at the Portobello Film Festival need to be grateful to the organizers for a number of reasons:-

1) Film festival submissions are extremely costly, pricing a lot of potential low budget film makers out of the circuit. This is free, big difference.

2) The festival has a relaxed atmosphere unlike some of the more formal festivals which can intimidate newcomers.

3) The festival has volunteers contributing their time, expertise and talents so that filmmakers can exhibit and develop.

4) The festival allows you to connect with a lot of fellow filmmakers, film fans and other industry contacts.

5) The festival allows you to see your movie on cinema scale and discover issues that may not have been initially apparent.

6) The exhibiting of your films allows you to get some non-biased feedback.

7) The festival allows you to watch a lot of new films from diverse filmmakers, this can influence, inspire and encourage your own ideas and visions. 

So once again, thanks to Jonathan and the rest of the film festival volunteers for facilitating this motivational event and opportunity.



  2. Hola Angelica, las palabras tan amables de ti, las palabras positivas que me ayude. Saludos cordiales desde Londres. Espero que estés bien

  3. Very nice blog! Congrats...God bless you and help your goals to accomplish :) Espectacular!

  4. Thank you Isis, May God give you good!