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Friday, 5 August 2011

Inspired Thought - How was this flower filmed? And what did it mean?

In Inspired Thought & Inspired Thought - Jungfrau Director's Cut, there is the scene where the 'hat guy' runs past a flower, the flower being in focus and himself and the background trees being a blur. This was deliberate symbolism alluding to beauty in this life becoming the focus for many of us while everything else in life can become a blur. This can have a negative material meaning, i.e. when someone concentrates on the outward beauty and attractions in life and neglects the soul of life or more important deeper issues. It can also have a positive spiritual meaning when the flower is taken as a symbol for true spiritual beauty. When someone discovers the true beauty, meaning and purpose in life or recognizes matters, people or things of genuine value and inward beauty all other matters can become part of the background and almost invisible.

In photography, cinematography this can be achieved by manipulating the aperture, filming distance and zoom. However, when in automatic settings on auto focus (depending on scene mode, [try portrait first], and some other auto settings) you can simply bring the foreground subject to fill the frame and bring it into focus, then just move the frame to include the background which will now be blurry. To achieve the opposite (blurred foreground and focussed background) then do the opposite, frame the background into focus, then pull the foreground into frame.

To be honest though, if you have the time, doing this with manual focus and varying a few other manual settings will be more satisfying to you and will help you understand the underlying reasons better, concerning depth of field etc.

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